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Review of 'Coachville Schools of Coaching'

Summary Statistics

Region: Global   Add your review
ICF Relationship: None    
Training Platform: Teleclass    
Training Hours: 100 hours per school    
Year Founded: 2001    
Cost: US$3,295 (convert)    
Refunds: 90 days    
Training Special: No    
Preferred Provider: No    

School Training Special

Coachville has not made a training special available through

Can you suggest an alternative school which does have a training special?

Yes, as an alternative to this school we suggest:

Academy for Coach Training (US & Canada/Face to Face + Teleclass)

Or use our School Chooser WizardT to find your best-fit school.



  • 1,000 hours of available training
  • Lifetime access to courses
  • Train at your own pace


  • Not ICF accredited at this time
  • Getting certified costs extra

* * *

Tuition to the Coachville Schools of Coaching includes lifetime access to training, to a curriculum broken into what they would call 10 separate schools.

Each school has 100 classes and will take about 100 hours. Most of the classes are by teleclass or real audio/Mp3. You can also read transcripts and use the 'Learning Guides'.

The Schools of Coaching have set up study groups, discussion lists and buddy systems to create a community.

You can go at your own pace and it takes approximately 12-18 months to complete a school.

As for certification, you can be certified by the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and each individual school gives you certification for an extra cost, but there is no ICF affiliation yet.

In summary, this school has a good reputation and good value for money, as long as you are not after ICF accreditation or face to face training.

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