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Dear coach,

I have been fortunate enough to build my coaching practice
from one client at $25 a week, to over 1,000 hours of coaching,
and 200 total clients in 13 countries.

Below is a collection of resources to help you along your way..

To our success!

David Wood, Coach


Building Your Coaching Business

The CoachStart™ Manual

CoachStart™ Mentoring Program

Getting Your First Fifty Clients - Online Recording of speech
to the ICF Conference.

10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets - the world's top coaching
reveal how they made business boom.

Internet Marketing Guide - a comprehensive, well-researched
guide to a successful internet marketing. (It's very hyped-up,
but the material is very good).


Credit Card Merchant Provider

Find out the best merchant to choose


Telephone Carrier

Alpha Telecom (UK)

Alpha Telecom (Australia)

Cheap Overseas Phone Rates (North America)


Web Traffic Expert or Software

How to Get Free Web Traffic Article


Newsletter Management Software

Professional Cart Solutions (Advanced)


Autoresponder Software

Professional Cart Solutions (Advanced)


Shopping Cart

Professional Cart Solutions (Advanced)


Computer Training

Coachville has a good free cyber course.


Mentor Coach

CoachStart™ Mentoring Program


Training Schools

Selected Schools


Recording Coaching Calls

How to Record Calls to Your Hard Drive Article


Eliminate Spam from your Inbox

I've just tested MailWasher Pro - and it's absolutely fantastic.
It already knows say 70% of the spam because it checks using
it's own lists of known spam. For the rest, you can set your own
filters. And - you can tell it to BOUNCE email so the spammers
think your address doesn't exist and stop sending you spam!

There's a free trial version here. (You're looking for MailWasher Pro
in the left hand menu.)


Web Hosting Service

Neureal (for those with advanced web knowledge)

Cihost (amazing range of advanced features, good support, and quite cheap)


Assessment Generator

Create Custom Online Assessments in 5 Minutes




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