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 Index : Reviews For The Coaching Academy
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Review # 1
Name:Maggie Currie
Review:I am currently a student, soon to graduate, of the Coaching Academy. I have found the whole experience to be highly effective and have learned a tremendous amount. The trainers are second to none and the office staff are extremely helpful and friendly. I have thoroughly enjoyed training with the Coaching Academy and found it to be very good value for money. The settings for the courses are very good and the hospitality very good indeed.
Review # 2
Name:Miranda Lonsdale
Email:Optional (Will be public)
Review:Comprehensive training programme
Good support during training - both in materials and in mentoring and teleclasses.
Good head office staff and administration - queries answered quickly.
Good programme of post-graduate training, and revision programme.
Very experienced senior tutors.
Clear accessible website.
Generally - a good training organisation.
Review # 3
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Review:I was suprised recently having asked for a prospectus from the Academy. I was sent a covering letter which had a stripe of text missing - it ran the whole length of the letter and was caused by bad printing; I would have thrown it out and printed another! Having read the whole brochure and other information I was slightly taken aback by the poor spelling and English which ran through the whole thing. It seems that these days many people still don't know the difference between 'there - their and they're ' for instance! Particularly since these courses are not cheap, someone somewhere should be proof reading these things to make sure they are correct.
Review # 4
Review:I went to their one day introductory course last year. It was very interesting and informative. I learned an awful lot and felt the £50 cost was very reasonable. They are currently doing this as a two day £99 course which I think would be a great investment in itself. I felt that the full course prices were very expensive for what is essentially a weekend course with a distance learning component. I would like to get hold of some of their training materials particularly the audio /video courses, so if anyone has some that they want to sell on you can e-mail me.
Review # 5
Name:Lindsey Maren
Email:Optional (Will be public)
Review:I trained with The Academy over 3 years ago and found the initial weekend very good for confidence boosting, networking with other student coaches. The telphone coaching afterwards is where I really learned my coaching skills, being coached myself, coaching and listening and giving feedback to others really taught me about coaching. The session I received from my fellow trainee coach aged 75 was so great I hired her!

The academy has changed a lot since then the marketing far slicker, the profile higher. However, I do find the 'aftercare' for coaches sadly lacking at times. I have met other coaches at a coaching circle who were also disappointed let down by the academy. It felt that they had oversimplified how easy it was to be a full time coach and the marketing techniques given were naive. The coaches helpline is poorly manned and an urgent enquiry about a depressed client was never replied to.
Therefore I would advise caution: do not rely soley on the academy for all your coaching on going needs.
Review # 6
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Review:I completed the introductory weekend workshop, which I thought was ok-ish (4/10 quality wise). A lot of it was self-promo, money oriented, and 'lets give each other hugs what great coaches we can all become' if we continue attending (the very pricey) courses offered by them. It really did not seem very professional. I am quite disappointed.
Review # 7
Name:Shona Garner
Review:I trained with the Coaching Academy, starting with their residential weekend last September (2003), and qualifying with distinction in May this year.
Whilst I do not know a great deal about alternative courses, I can tell you I found this course thorough, interactive, valuable and fun! The compulsory residential weekend is fabulous - a real motivator. Materials I felt were extremely good, with a range of learning opportunities, through teleclasses, buddy sessions and reading material. Content of course was good - giving a good overview of all the basic aspects of coaching, from what it is, how it works, the basic coaching model etc to useful tools to use with clients. Even includes a very useful guide to the practicalities of setting up your own practice.
Whilst, clearly, learning of tools using NLP and so on are, of necessity, limited to giving a basic overview and flavour of how they work, it is enough to be able to use practically with clients, and has certqainly given me a desire to learn more for my own continuing professional development.
Assessment, I felt, was fair, and thorough. Three written assignments - all demanding a good level of understanding, plus practical assessment, which, quite rightly i believe, accounted for 50% of the total mark. After all, it IS what we're learning to do!
Opportunities to liaiase with other fellow coachies were good - either through the buddy sessions, or through the LCA website - which has a members area and e-mail bulletin board.
If there was one criticism, it is that on occasion I felt that once you had signed up and paid, the level of support and interest subsided dramatically, with some queries or concerns I encountered taking some time to be satisfactorily resolved.
All in all, I would recommend the Academy to anyone wishing to embark upon a coaching career, or even just to help their own self-development. There is no doubt I have gained tremendously on a personal level from taking the course.
Quite happy to answer queries if anyone wants to contact me.
Review # 8
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Review:It's not worthy.
I've been there, and they are a money machine.
They hardly care about the quality of your learning.
If you are really interested in becoming a coach or learing coaching skills, pick up almost anyone else but this one.
Review # 9
Email:Optional (Will be public)
Review:An excellent if expensive weekend introduction to coaching, followed by written and practical assignments and awful compulsory teleclasses. Very little support after the weekend, despite their claims. Instead they bombard you with letters pushing more expensive courses, tacky self-help CDs etc, all promising instant success/money. The biggest fault is that throughout the weekend they encourage the impression that you should immediately call yourself a coach and charge for coaching. Although I began practice coaching immediately I felt I needed to do an enormous amount of work on myself and on my coaching techniques before being ready to charge money for my services, and I felt uneasy marketing myself as a coach alongside people who had had just 14 hours training at that point. Indeed, it's proved hard finding an experienced coach for myself in the UK, because there are so many people with even less experience than me marketing themselves as coaches. Overall, I felt this is a very lucrative business for the people involved in the Academy; but not such good value for people who genuinely want to become part of a growing new profession.
Review # 10
Name:Pat Ayling
Review:Rating is 5 out of 5 for quality

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