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 Index : Reviews For Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
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Review # 1
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Review:I'm a recent graduate at CTI.
I couldn't feel more blessed for having found this organization.
It is not your typical coaching institute, it does refer to the human being as a whole but to understand their focus and trascendence of their perspective they make the basic and intermediate training face to face.
And is it life-changing.
They'd opened trainings in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and they are expanding in Asia, Western Europe, Canada and Australia.
It's a little bit expensive when you think about transportation and hotel if you don't live nearby but none of my classmates had a problem with it giving the quality of the trainning.
It is an in-between Spirit and Corporate talk.
Just what's needed in this times of change.
Review # 2
Name:John Berry
Review:I am in the process of being trained by the CTI in London (UK). The student teacher ratio of 26 to 2 is very good and although the schedule is tough it is fun to. An advantage offered by the CTI's face to face training programme is the coaching practice with other students while under careful supervision. Each of the 5 course modules run over 3 days and because it is usual to book for monthly progressive courses, you build a strong relationship with the group forming a very useful support network with the other students. Between the courses the CTI hold monthly teleconferences for group members which is great for motivation and for support.
The CTI are also very keen to help students develop their coaching business and the support and guidence offered by the leaders is unbiased and open.
I can highly recommend the CTI to anyone aspiring to become a professional coach, provided they are prepared to work hard and have fun.
Review # 3
Name:Rose Woodruff
Review:I have taken 4 of the 5 classes that comprise the Core Curriculum. The classes are about hands-on skill building. The basic concepts are presented and most of the class time is used for exercises wherein students use the skills presented. The variety of trainers gives the student a sense of how diverse sucessful coaches can be. Students coach each other in class and are given immediate feedback on their coaching. Reading books cannot take the place of these classes. The classes are pwerful and energizing.
Review # 4
Name:Bev Benwick
Email:benwickattglobal .net
Review:I am a graduate of the CTI courses which I took in Canada. Currently I am participating in the CTI certification program. Courses are taught in Vancouver and Toronto, covering a reach to Eastern and Western Canadians. I connected with several others during the courses who had flown in from various Canadian and US locations.I would like to acknowledge the depth of the CTI Program which had provided me with valuable insight and tools of the coaching profession. The certification program has provided me with immense learning and growth of my ability as a coach. It is the certification program which has greatly accelerated my confidence in my coaching skills as it is an applied format.CTI takes a real interest in supporting its students in the building of their practises through a business development course and through encouragement and accountability within the cetification program. I highly recommend this institution if you are looking for a well rounded training program with well developed support materials.
Review # 5
Review:I am a student in the Certification Program - I wouldn't recommend the program because much of the material is cobbled together pop psychology, the ''leadership' is uneven, some people are quite talented and intelligent and others are quite the reverse. The program just covers all of the material offered in the workshops, and for much of the Certification program, which is nearly over, I've thought it was time and money largely wasted. The supervisions were wonderful, but the material and the classes - entire waste of a good amount of time. I did learning from this, but feel that the entire coach training profession is largely a pyramid scheme. Do some searches and see how many people are offering to train people for thousands of dollars - when everyone is boasting a get-rich-quick scheme, you'd have to be a fool to bite. And I did, to my regret.
Review # 6
Name:Rosalyn Clare
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Review:I have been very impressed with the professionalism.

In addition, CTI is about experiential learning so that it is engrained rather than taught. Difficult to explain.

As a side benefit, I have experienced much personal growth from the training - worth the training fee in itself!

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