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"Creating a Global Practice and Filling Your Practice Via the Internet" Speech
by David Wood, PCC

Dear coach,

Here are the resources I mentioned at the speech. Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach me at (but remove the dashes).



Free Tools

50 Power Questions

Download these very useful questions to use first on your own life, and then with your clients. A great basis for any coaching session. Comes as part of the free Coaching Training Mini eCourse.

Independent Report on Coach Training & Certification

This valuable 30+ page pdf download also comes with - yep, you guessed it - the free Coaching Training Mini eCourse.

Would you like us to create a client quiz and host it for you? (You don't even need a web site!) So your prospects can set their top three goals, and then ask for your help to review their goals report, and you turn them into clients? Believe it or not, this is currently a free service for coaches.

SolutionBox™ Affiliate Program

Give your network and friends results in their personal & business lives...and earn 40% on every sale you refer. Here is your chance to share the word about these great products, and sites like this one, and build an additional revenue stream for yourself.


Power Tools

First Fifty Clients

How to get your first fifty clients - without being 'pushy'. Lessons from David Wood's speech delivered to the ICFA Conference. (online recording)

First Fifty Clients

10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets

What's the fastest way to a build a thriving coaching practice? Get inside the minds of people like you who've built a hugely profitable practice from scratch -- and learn exactly how they did it. In this e-book are interviews with top coaches on how they built successful coaching businesses.

10 Super Coaches

The CoachStart™ Manual

A step by step guide to building your coaching practice. David has compiled everything he knows about starting up your coaching practice - including the basis of a training school's business building curriculum - into a valuable, information packed Manual.

CoachingClips™ .com

This is the first of it's kind - an online training library for new and future coaches. Audio clips of live mentoring sessions with topics like building your practice, gaining confidence, and setting up a new client. PLUS audio clips of real live coaching sessions clients from my practice.

CoachStart™ Mentoring Program

Work one on one with the creator of this site, ten other sites, and every tool listed above. Only for those 'really going for it', and who have already used at least one of the tools listed above.


Third Party Tools and Providers

The following tools and services are mostly not provided by this site, but are recommended in building your coaching practice.

Telephone Carrier (USA)

Web Traffic Expert or Software

See How to Get Free Web Traffic Article

Newsletter Management Software

Professional Cart Solutions Review (Advanced)

Autoresponder Software

Professional Cart Solutions Review (Advanced)

Shopping Cart

Professional Cart Solutions Review (Advanced)

Recording Coaching Calls

See Record Calls to Your Hard Drive Article

Credit Card Merchant Provider

See Credit Card Merchant Provider Article

Also see

Converting Currency

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