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I enjoy making a contribution.
I want to make a difference to people's lives.
I enjoy people.
I have more than I need.
People often ask me for advice.
I have a good circle of supportive friends and family who love me.
I'm willing to make an investment in this career - time and money.
I'm willing to train to be an effective coach.
I can afford, or will soon be able to afford, the coach training fee.
I believe people can make a LARGE impact on their environment and circumstances.
I am willing to set aside my opinions, judgments and agenda while I am coaching.
I am willing to put my clients first: to show up for every session,on time.
I can be firm if I need to be to help the client move forward
I enjoy personal development courses and/or books.
I have extensive training in personal development.
I have a background in counseling or psychology.
I have consulting-related or service-related skills.
I have learned a lot from my experiences(e.g. travel, marriage, loss, success, failure)
I have something to say to people.
I tell the truth, even when I might lose something.
I am generally self-expressed - I don't hide much of myself.
I am self motivated and can work independently

Please check one box for every statement which is true
for you, and add up your score out of 22.

Scoring Guide


Check with a coach. This may not be the career for you.


You may have the raw material to be a coach. Perhaps check with a coach. May be time for some coaching, training and development.


You seem to have what it takes to be a coach. Time for some coaching, training and development.


You're already a coach. It's time you got paid for it!


All right Bernie, stop taking this quiz just to show off.

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