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"Coaching Really Does Sell Itself!
- Everybody Can Use Help From A Coach"

"Life Coach Guru Finally Reveals The Step-by-Step Plan That Will Get You Your First 50 Clients"

"...This Is The Easiest Way I Know To Fill Your Practice Quick
Without Any Formal Training -or Paid Marketing Help"
Remember My Motto:
The Hardest Part is Deciding to Do it - After That its Smooth Sailing!"

Creator of First Fifty Clients

Dear Coach,

ou Are In The Right Place! Are interested in:
Starting or filling your coaching practice? Having 10 to 50 Clients? Creating a Good Income from Coaching ?
Becoming a Coach, but you're not sure about how to get clients?

Unfortunately, obtaining clients can be a very confronting process. Too many coaches are trying to get clients the hard way, and making it a struggle. Too many coaches are trainin in coaching skills, but not learning the principles to freely grow their practice.

     Coaches come to me with questions like:

How Do I Get Clients?
Who would I call? What would I say?
Will They Think I'm Selling Tom Them?
How Can I Get Clients Without Being Pushy?
Won't It Be Wierd Or Uncomfortable Coaching My Friends and Colleagues?
How can I Be Credible when I don't Even Have A Certification yet?

If You Can Relate To These Questions You've to The Right Place!

I've been through these issues, and helped many coaches greatly solve each one. They don't just get more clients, they tap into their passion for coaching, and shine like they're a new person. It's important you have a thriving, successful practice; if you don't - what kind of role modle are you for your clients? And the more you get out in the world and coach, the more not only society benefits, but the coaching profession as a whole.

So please read my tips here, and apply them to your emerging practice. If you're ready to get into action and listen to the details of how to apply each strategy, you may access an online copy of my speech to the ICFA Conference RIGHT HERE on this page.

The Great Beneifts That Come From Being A Coach Are:

Being Your Own Boss
Flexible hours (work when You want)
Serving The World (and making a profit)
Scalability (grow as big as YOU want)
Easy to find clients Everybody could use a coach

"The Greatest Business in The World"
One Small Problem:

The sad trugh is many well-trained coaches are simply not coaching. fQuestions like the ones above plague coaches for the first couple years of their practice. So coaches who would love 10 clients, too often have only have two pro bono clients. And coaches who would love 25 or more paying clients, would typically have 5-10 clients who are not paying their full rate..

I call this the Snail Startup Syndrome. Unfortunately. this does not serve you or society. It doesn't serve you because you spend time struggling to fill your practice. And it doesnt serve society because without clients - you are not making an impact on society!

You Must Get Over The Confidence Hurdle - f you are ging to fill your practice and. contribute to the world.

There is Good News - You can greatly accelerate this process. It's completely possible to overcome those natural hurdles and build your client base with ease. For example, ESTELL GIBBONS (LINK) found this out when she applied these powerful techniques over three months, and found herself with 17 clients, and $3000 a month in coaching revenue. (And she was starting from ground zero - she had never coached before! Would you beleive she's a helicopeter rescue nurse?)

Making The Shift...

For several years I have be helping coaches make the shift from focusing on themselves, to focusing on being there for their clients. You must become fully aware of how much your self-focus is stopping you from truly coaching. Then it's possible to create a new focus - one that is a perfect fit for you - that enables you to coach with complete freedom. This shift is the one that will enable you to freely tell the world you are coaching, and to really open up your doors to all clients with enthusiasm. This new perspective or shift is unique for each person: you must find your unique perspective.

Communicating Coaching...

So many coaches are still 'in their head' when they tell people what they do. Their explanations don't make sense, and leave people still wondering what a coach does. And even when they do understand it, they are often left thinking coaching is 'for someone else!' That it wouldn't apply to them. Consider this example:

"I help people create goals for themselves, and then develop strategies with them to pursue those goals, to enhance the quality of their life"

What a load of rubbish! Who would be inspired to hire you from that?

What you want for people and the planet is not quite the same as what the next coach wants to contribute. And your target market will not be quite the same as my target market. You must find your own way of expressing coaching, so that both they and their prospects are inspired. This alone is a powerful motivating force that will have you wanting to tell people about coaching, and genuinely wanting to coach them.

Are You Serious??

If you're serious about building a coaching practice - without feeling like you're selling or being 'pushy,' then I strongly recommend you listen now to the online recording where I detail how to apply the above strategies. Coaches from all over the world are finding it extremely valuable, and recognising it can save them months and years of 'struggle.' And I'd love to hear about the results you create in your practice using these techniques

In fact I'm so sure that applying these techniques will help you get 10 clients in 30 days, that if you are not completely satisfied, I'll refund your money. (I'm not interested in anything that isn't a win-win).

Getting the First 50 Clients
(Speech to the ICFA Conference in Sydney)

I delivered this speech for the first Australasian coaching conference - hosted by the US-based International Coach Federation The topic was Practice Building 101 - Getting the First 50 Clients.

For this talk I pulled together everything I had learned from building up my own practice - from one client paying $25 a week, to twenty very empowered clients with a revenue that tops six figures (and that's from coaching two days a week). Plus I drew on all the knowledge I had gleaned from personally mentoring over sixty coaches in ten different countries. If there's a strategy to be tried, we've tried it! And - I was able to draw on my experience of setting up and writing the training curriculum for the International Coach Academy™- particularly the business building modules.

You don't have to be a highly trained coach to be able to contribute to 20-50 clients. You don't need to have highly advanced business skills. And - you don't need to outlay hundreds of dollars. Just follow the step by step principles I've outlined for you in the talk, to build your practice easily, and with more fun.



I listened to the disc for the first time on Monday and have already booked 45 people for exploratory sessions. I may have to extend my goal to 100 people in 100 days.

I never knew I could inspire people to take advantage of a free session. You have motivated me into action and I wish to thank you for this."

Loretta Digger
United Kingdom

Loretta Digger

Here's What You'll Learn!

  How to make the shift from being timid about coaching, to being exciting and expressive.


 How to Communicate Coaching so that both you and your prospective client are inspired and even provoked by the possibilities.

 How To Obtain Clients without pressuring or doing hte "hard sell" and How to market your coaching in a way that feels easy and natural for you, andmake a contribution to people at the same time

 How to make an emotional shift (not just a logical one) in your coaching practice. You'll experience a 'closed eye' exercise which will use a powerful timeline principle with you.

 Examples of live coaching during question time at the end.

As a Bonus You'll Also Hear an Example Of:


    How to build rapport with your audience

  The power of being authentic (i.e. not 'BS-ing' your audience).

 How to structure an effective speech

 How to give a talk that actually generates clients (yes - clients hire me as a result of being in the audience)


"David's strategies helped me get my coaching business up and running with 17 clients after just three months! And I couldn't believe I had $3,000 a month coming in just from helping people with their lives!"

Estelle Gibbins
Brisbane, Australia

Estelle Gibbins

"Getting the First Fifty Clients' was just what I needed! I have listened to the recording twice already and plan to listen to it again.

Although very competent in coaching skills, I really needed a clear path from 'hello' to 'getting a client.' I realized I was so focused on ~me~ and getting a client that I was missing the important steps in between - especially getting to a trial or exploratory session. The speech broke it down so clearly, and gave me a structure to use. It is making a big difference in helping me build my practice.

And - The free bonus recording of you explaining a trial session in detail was also excellent. After listening, I sat down and called twenty people on the telephone!

Thanks David."

Beverly McGuire
Results Coach
United Kingdom

Beverly McQuire

"Dear David,

I have applied the information, with terrific results. I started last Monday, making a deal with myself to have a new client each day. So far, that has occurred - and I have ten new clients!

I've been on my own starting a new coaching business for almost a year, and was really stuck as to how to get back into the conversations that would turn themselves into paying clients. I now have these new clients, some at full rate, some at half-rate, some pro bono. And - I feel so alive and creative and in touch with my own work!

I am very grateful to you for your inspiring and practical approach. I would highly recommend people listen to this talk. It is easy to assimilate, and fun. And when people follow your directions and their own passion, the results are astounding. Thanks again!"

Julie Gleeson
United States

The Art of Living

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In coming up with a reasonable price to charge, I first looked at some of the results these strategies have produced. Clearly Estelle Gibbons who ended up loving her coaching, and making $3,000 a month after only three months, got several thousand dollars worth from these techniques. And even if you only got one clear insight that you can apply now to your coaching practice (or which helps you clearly decide if you want to be a coach), you might say it was worth over $1,000

However, as I want this to be completely affordable for all coaches in all countries, I've set the price at a low US$37.

(1st Order Button Here)

Special Bonus Resources

Participants at the conference (who had paid several hundred dollars to be there, not to mention hours travel time), received valuable resources as handouts. These were a gift to further support coaches in building their practices. To make the process even easier for you, and to ensure you get more clients, if you order now I'll include at no additional cost:

Fifty Trial Sessions in Fifty Days Form
A resource to help you access your current network in a way that feels natural and authentic to you and to them. (i.e. no more 'push!').

Value: $19.95

Top Ten Pro Bono Tips
Sometimes it pays to discount your coaching in the beginning, or even take on some clients 'free' or pro bono. In these cases, there is still a LOT you can ask for in return - from arranging 'contra' deals to getting testimonials. This is a valuable list of what to ask for. Get paid even when you're not getting paid.

Value: $19.95

Top Five Prospective Client Objections
What do you do when you've talked about coaching, and your prospective client says they can't afford it? Or they can't think of what they would work on? Or they think they can do it themselves? This gives you the top five objections to coaching you are likely to encounter, and how to empower the client to break through these obstacles.

Value: $19.95

20 Minute Recording of 'How to Structure Your Trial Coaching Session'
OK - your prospect has agreed to have one trial session with you to see if coaching might be for them. Now what do you do? In this bonus recording of a live coach mentoring session, I explain in detail how to structure a trial session so that your prospective client says "YES!" to hiring you as a coach. (Requires the free RealPlayer to access; instructions provided.)
Value: $39.95

"As You Can See These Resources Alone
Even without Speech are Worth
Well Over $100"

20 Minute Recording $39.95

Top 5 Objections $19.95

Top 10 Pro Bono Tips $19.95

50 Trial Session in 50 Days Form $19.95

"However They Are Included With The
Seech Free Of Charge To Assist You In
Building Your Coaching Practice"

This brings the total package value to $158.75 , available right now (BUY LINK) for only $37.

"And I will Guarantee It For You"

"I take all the risk for you
- It's impossible for you
to make a mistake"

I guarantee that if you implement the strategies described in the speech, and commit to the game I invite you to play, you will have an additional 10 clients within 30 days. And if you're really serious about your coaching, 20 clients within 90 days! If not, contact us within the first 90 days, and I'll cheerfully refund your purchase price. And - you get to keep the bonus resources with my best wishes.


 Here's How You Can Start Building Your Practice In The Next 10 Minutes...

Due to advances in technology, you can now listen to this speech from the comfort of your own home or office (i.e. online). And - saving the hassle of flying thousands of miles to a conference, and saving hundreds of dollars worth of conference fees. And best of all - you don't even have to wait - you can access it immediately.

Here's how it works: You'll be taken to a secure server where you can enter your payment details safely and confidentially. Or if you like, you can now pay by phone, fax, mail or PayPal. You will receive an email with a receipt and order number for your purchase (which I recommend you print off for tax purposes). You will then be taken to a web page where you may listen to the speech immediately. At that page you'll also get immediate access to the bonus resources. (And - you'll be given instructions to download the free RealPlayer software if you don't already have it).

To ensure you get to try out this new product with zero risk, I suggest you:

Listen to the speech now(LINK TO BUY). Then take any action you feel inspired to commit to. Two weeks later, listen to the speech again, so you can really let the principles sink in. Make sure you re-read the bonus resources so you can further reinforce your learning. And just before 90 days have passed, if you feel it wasn't worth the low price you paid, simply email me to request a full refund


     What are you going to do? Are you going to look, tire kick, or do? It's up to you.

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     P.S How can I offer this guarantee? Firstly, because I know my stuff. I've tested this product with coaches, and the feedback has been excellent. And secondly, because coaches are fundamentally honest. If they get great value, they'll thank me and tell their friends. They'll only ask for a refund if they truly felt it was something they didn't expect. And remember, you still get to keep the bonus resources! So listen now while it's fresh on your mind.

     I think the choices that we donít make are the ones that really matter. I donít think you ever hear anybody sitting in a nursing home at 80 years old talking about the mistakes of the things that they did do in their life.


    P.P.S The bonus recording of 'How to Structure Your Trial Session' is new, and I can't promise how long it will stay as a bonus gift before I start charging for this recording separately.


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